The Sharpening Service loved by Hairdressers, Barbers and Groomers.

We put the skills of our craftsmen at your disposal to sharpen your professional scissors to perfection.

Your tools will return to having a perfectly sharp blade , like new.

We specialize in performing high-level sharpening thanks to the use of Japanese stones .

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Dull scissors? Don't throw them away!

Sharpen your scissors

We offer you a professional and artisanal sharpening service, respecting the type of blade, its use and the steel with which the instrument was built.
Sharpening is a matter of trust and our craftsmen, with 60 years of experience, can demonstrate this perfectly.

Repair your scissors now

Picci'S and artisan shops create the best scissors you'll ever use

Here you will find the best professional scissors for hairdressers and groomers . In each of our scissors you will find maximum comfort and all the freedom of movement you are looking for.

We only offer you ergonomic cutting scissors , for removing, thinning with curved and even micro-toothed blades.

Picci'S is the guarantee of an instrument handmade in Italy by expert craftsmen.

We only use the best types of steel : Low wear high cobalt vanadium Vg-10 stainless steel, Vg-10 low-wear cobalt stainless steel, low-wear AISI 440C Japanese steel.

Opera , Argento Vivo and Slate here are our 3 collections.

Knives are born

You become Picci's craftsmen

Picci'S tells the story of a passion that has been handed down for generations.

Men and women, call them knife sharpeners or artisans of perfection. They have dedicated their lives to developing an excellent product. Their experience allows us to choose each steel with obsessive care , starting from the selection of the rod called "wire rod", the raw material from which everything originates. The steel is subjected to over two hundred types of manual processing, from hot forging to the insertion of the last screw.

Each model is designed to be ergonomic, lightweight and with excellent blade sharpness that guarantees precise and clean cuts .

Discover how simple it is to create a dry and defined cut without damaging the hair structure. Ok, you have to be good, but the tool you use is essential to really express yourself at your best.

Each of Picci's scissors is born from the continuous search for that perfection. The same one that makes us so proud to be Italian.

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