Biwa lama inversaBiwa lama inversa

Biwa lama inversa

€416,00 EUR
Cortenova (Titanio Black)Cortenova (Titanio Black)

Cortenova (Titanio Black)

From €460,00 EUR
Musa (Titanio Black)Musa (Titanio Black)

Musa (Titanio Black)

From €460,00 EUR
Nara lama inversaNara lama inversa

Nara lama inversa

€416,00 EUR
Aka  lama inversaAka  lama inversa

Aka lama inversa

€416,00 EUR


From €382,00 EUR
Manara 30 dentiManara 30 denti

Manara 30 denti

€416,00 EUR


€416,00 EUR


€416,00 EUR

Picci's scissors

Sale of professional scissors for hairdressers and groomers

Picci's scissors, entirely made in Italy, make your work easier: cutting or removing hair with a pair of Picci's scissors will make you border on perfection.

Get any cut without any difficulty. The blades of your scissors are just as important as the type of handle. Each scissors on sale in this store has an ergonomic grip, designed for correct movement of the hand, we reserve a very careful study for the balancing of the weights.

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