Tradition and Innovation

Picci'S unites small Italian artisan workshops where the centuries-old traditions of knowing how to make scissors well have been handed down from father to son for generations, keeping the everlasting values ​​alive... Passion, Manual Skill and History.

Together with the artisans, we choose the best materials to achieve the quality that characterizes our scissors. Both the sharpening and the production of scissors is carried out entirely by hand.

Let's shorten the distances

Picci'S shortens the distance, bringing their art and skills directly into your hands.

We are MADE for YOU who still believe in Italian craftsmanship, values ​​and traditions that have been handed down for generations.

They are our Master Craftsmen: Nicola, Paolo, Fabio, Gianfranco and Valerio, skilled sharpeners each with their own specialty.

You discover

Our artisans

Visit the Piccis Youtube Channel to get to know them even better!


Nicola , flagship of Italian manufacturing, expert in steel and scissor assembly. The same light that must be between one blade and another to make it cut, we find it in his eyes, full of history and infinite knowledge.

Watching Nicola at work never bores you and is always capable of teaching you something.


Paolo , the greatest expert and connoisseur in Italy of the technique taught by the great masters of the Japanese school , all the machinery he uses for his creations comes directly from Japan.

A great all-round artist, one of the few who remained in Premana who still manages to do all the steps manually, from design to the creation of prototypes up to the final product.


Fabio takes care of the scrupulous sharpening of straight razors and Japanese scissors through the use of metamorphic and synthetic stones based on the type of steel with which they were made.


Gianfranco, on the other hand, takes care of making the blades of the clippers cut like butter, including the ceramic ones and all the blades of the electric razors used by barbers in Italy.


Valerio is specialized in the sharpening and balancing of the most prestigious Japanese scissors thanks to the use of stones but also a great connoisseur of water grinding processes, which thanks to it, steels do not suffer thermal shock and do not overheat.

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