Sharpening professional scissors

In this first phase, you can call us and tell us about the life of your instrument, Sabrina will take care of you by preparing a document to present to the artisans with all the problems of the scissors or instrument that you entrust to us and if you wish, you can also send us photographs that will be promptly analyzed in our laboratories.
Many times the scissors fall off at the tip, creating real misalignments that compromise the functionality of the blades, other times you tell us that they tear at the tip or that they have a (step) and consequently they no longer close...
There may be many problems but we are ready to listen to you and we will analyze them together to MAKE YOUR INSTRUMENT PERFORMING AGAIN.

Review of the instrument

From the moment the tool enters the laboratory, we begin with disassembly, a deep cleaning and an accurate analysis which is aimed at highlighting the state of health of the blades, from the wear of the cutting edge to various problems that previous sharpening may have created.

We will analyze the quality of the steel with which it was built and based on this, we will choose the most appropriate sharpening technique.


Each instrument is treated differently from others as each blade has a different edge, it is not possible to treat all instruments in the same measure, this would be a very serious error because for each blade the geometries change and the angles change which can be more or less acute.

Our sharpening uses different techniques in reference to the instrument in front of us and its construction characteristics, all of which are rigorously carried out by hand and guarantee the best result that can be obtained and the maximum duration of the sharpening.

These are our equipment: Japanese, Belgian, metamorphic, synthetic and mixed stones with different grain sizes, belts with diamond finishing, the horizontal water grinder and the stone stone.

We then proceed with the final burnishing and polishing. Burnishing, thanks to a rubberized material, will eliminate the burr created in the previous process.

The last step is polishing which serves to eliminate any type of residue and opacity, giving shine to your scissors.

Balancing and control

After sharpening it is right and necessary to check the correct functionality of the clamping pin and the adjustment of the bolt, particular attention is given to the study of the weight balance and for this reason we are able to restore the original ones of construction so that the blades they are once again fluid and with a soft cut in order to prevent friction and increase smoothness.

Cutting test

The last but not least is the final cutting test of the blades, this is carried out on different materials, fabrics, films, special silicon paper and finally on real hair.


Your tools are safe, they will be carefully packaged and supplied with blade covers, our courier will be ready to promptly deliver what you have entrusted to us.

Send us a photo on WhatsApp with the tools you want to sharpen so we can view it and respond promptly.