Sharpening A5 heads

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Sharpening A5 heads:

The first step in sharpening a head is removing the blades from the body . The Craftsman proceeds with a particularly thorough cleaning, eliminating any residues, then follows a careful visual check on the state of wear and the evaluation of the type of intervention that will be carried out.

The traditional tool on which this type of work is done is the so-called lapidello , which allows the two combs which must adhere perfectly to be lapped. There must be millesimal differences, because if the plane of the blade is not perfectly even, the sliding can be affected.

The mastery of a good craftsman with skill and experience allows us to achieve an exceptional result.

Once the surfaces have been recovered, it is necessary to reassemble the heads, evaluate the tension of the springs and move on to lubrication.

Ultimately, it always remains to prove that the cutting edge performs well on a piece of synthetic fur.

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